Saturday, November 3, 2012

The Last One: A Novel by Cheimari I. Arcilla

A Novel
Cheimari I. Arcilla

I was standing in a cliff, looking down and thinking of flying so I can go to the other side. I always wanted to see what’s in there. I’m human if you want to ask, well, not entirely, but my appearance would be just like you, so human.

credits to WeHeartIt

The color of my eyes changes depending on my emotions; blue if I’m sad, green if I’m in panic and pinkish if I feel happy. My hair is long and straight; it has shades of grey and purple, but totally, it’s white. People always asks why I chose to dye my hair like that; I just smile and say, “I love it.” They will just smirk and laugh at me. I’m always alone, I prefer not to mingle with people and have some friends; not because I hate the idea, but because I don’t want to endanger their lives because of me. I can protect them if I’ll stay away. Someone’s watching over me, everything I do is recorded. I do have allies; I’m the only one who can see them. Sometimes, they’re sitting at the park while I’m reading a book nearby; walking behind me; or just standing right beside me while I’m doing something.  It can freak you out if you’re in my shoes because they will just pop-up somewhere near you. I have what you call family; but they are not my real family, I’m adopted. My Dad told me that he saw me outside their door one evening, my Mom fell in love with me because I’m still a baby, a new-born to be exact, so they decided to keep me. I have two siblings; a girl and a boy, I love them but they think I’m weird so they kept their distance. My parents asked me if I’m OK or if something’s bothering me because I always want to be alone. I will just give them a nod. I stay away from them if I have a chance; I don’t eat, but I’ll just say that I’m eating late in the evening because I’m on a diet; I will let them  feel that I’ll be alright if they will just let me stay in my room, so no family outings, no partying etc. They can never go inside my room, we had a deal. Yes, they think that I’m not normal but I know that they love me that’s why I’m still here, living with them. Time will come that I will need to leave so I’m starting to make them feel that I’m not here; I don’t want drama. There was a chance that I accidentally wounded myself by a knife and my blood is flowing heavily my Mom started screaming; my Dad asked me if I’m OK while wiping the blood and washed my finger with water, I said, “Yes, I don’t feel pain. I can’t feel anything, it seems normal.” They stared at me like I’m a ghost, so in order for them not to feel scared, I tried to feel hurt and said “Ouch!” ten times that they hurried and brought me to the nearest hospital. I didn't mean to scare them, I just don’t know how people react if they feel the pain. I saw people on TV that they say “Ouch!” so I tried to imitate it but with what happened, I think I overreacted. After that, they never let me use a knife or anything that is sharp...

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  1. can't post everything haha it's more than 10k words already... thanks bebe.. <3

    1. you can actually cut it
      and make it fit .
      for example for today
      200 words ,
      tomorrow another 200 words .
      so that you'll be able to post everything .

  2. wow...shoot, i'll do that.. thanks again bebe.. ; )

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    1. Oh thank you... :)
      this is my first time, my bad..
      How can I follow you?

  4. Hi dear, thanks so much for visiting and following my blog!
    Anyways, you are a good writer! And of course, I'm following you back (:
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  5. oh that's a sad story but written in a good way!



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