Saturday, November 3, 2012

My First Love, CEBU

 Since time immemorial, I've been wanting to visit this city. I don't know why...what I know is that I want to go here. Seems like my heart belongs here....though we also have beautiful scenery in Catanduanes, Bicol Region...I'm craving for C-E-B-U! If I could just go ahead and fly straight to the city, I will surely do that...I love travelling...I could take pics and treasure it! Memories will be keep and it will never be erased. I always want to have some adventure...go to some places, meet new people, live differently, enjoy life, make memories and always thank God for all the blessings..

    I wish Mom is here so we could bond more...I want to let her feel my love and care...It seems like I need to find myself now...I was lost, emotionally...

    I remember the line in Zac Efron and Amanda Crew's movie Charlie St. Cloud "COME AND FIND ME..." Can someone do that or I should be the one doing that?


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